What we do

Allflex is the global leader in the design, development, manufacture and delivery of animal identification and monitoring devices.

Use of Allflex visual and electronic identification tags, provides traceability down to the level of individual animals, which is a fundamental requirement for the effective management and protection of the food chain.

As the global population grows and becomes more affluent and dietary requirements demand more protein, more food will need to be produced, whilst land, water, and other resources remain limited. To address this challenge, we put the power of information into farmers’ hands.

Using monitoring tags and collars which collect animal data, farmers are able to better manage their livestocks’ health and wellbeing, whilst also improving productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Cow with tag

Who we do it for

Allflex Livestock Intelligence provides farmers with tools to identify, trace and monitor each individual animal within a herd, making it easier for them to manage their animals’ health, wellbeing and productivity.

These data-driven solutions are trusted by successful farmers worldwide to deliver the real-time insights and analytics needed to optimize the productivity of their farms. Improving efficiency and driving growth ensures a secure and prosperous future for farmers and their families.

How we do it

Cows wearing Allflex Intelligence products

Allflex Livestock Intelligence products identify, collect, and analyse animal data, directly targeting:

  • Feed conversion and breeding efficiency
  • Respiratory and digestive diseases
  • Environmental stress
  • Parturition distress

With the ultimate goal of optimising how livestock is raised, Allflex Livestock Intelligence helps farmers act in a timely manner, to safeguard their animals’ health, while achieving optimal production outcomes for a healthy food supply.

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