Fish & Aquaculture


What we do

Biomark is the world leader in fish aquaculture and wildlife identification hardware, software and data services.


Who we do it for

Biomark serves two very distinct target markets:

1. Conservation

For over 25 years Biomark has supplied electronic identification technology to the fish, wildlife and other natural resource conservation communities worldwide. Providing highly specialised biological services to organisations and communities involved in design, research project execution, tagging, data collection and analysis. Continually working with customers, has provided valuable insights on how to improve research methods using emerging technology.

2. Aquaculture

Biomark works closely with commercial operations and not-for-profit research institutions, serving farming of aquatic protein sources for a growing global population.

Driving improvements across aquaculture and genetics research, feed and additive trials, vaccine trials, fish health monitoring and production efficiency, advances in these areas are helping the industry to grow in a more sustainable, productive and globally responsible way.


We believe that innovation should enjoy the fruits of cooperation. We create synergy with selected partners by extending our technology reach and providing scale. We partner with universities, research institution, automation and robotics companies, as well as many technology and development design houses.

How we do it


From pioneering, in-river and hydro facility RFID tag detection systems, to tag injection and production tagging services, Biomark has been the premier fish tagging organization since the 1990’s. An ability to adapt and meet customer research needs by developing custom tag data detection systems for specific and sometimes very unique applications has resulted in a broad range of data capture opportunities. These include tracking and logging over 210 million fish migratory movements.

  • Since 2005, Biomark has deployed 450 fish detection systems in 21 countries.
  • Biomark has emerged as the worldwide leader in fish and wildlife identification research, by delivering the best RFID tag products and a broad range of biologic and data services.
  • A major breakthrough in evaluation and monitoring techniques came from the fabrication techniques designed to reliably and continually operate a variety of PIT tag antennas systems underwater and in remote locations. Biomark is currently monitoring in excess of 1,100 antennas at sites all over the world, 24/7.