Executive Leadership

Brian Bolton


Prior to becoming Antelliq CEO in 2019, Brian served as group COO from 2015. Previous positions also included President of Allflex North America, EVP of Optibrand, a Biotech start up and VP of Marketing and International for ABS, a division of Genus PLC. This capped his ten-year career in the cattle Genetics industry that also saw him serve internationally for Sersia France. A graduate of Harper Adams in the UK, Brian managed farms for ten years in the UK, which included a genetics import and export business. A British and American citizen, he resides in the USA with his family, dog and two cats.

Jeroen van de Ven


Nicolay Valchev


Executive Leadership Team

Antelliq’s Executive Leadership Team has a proud heritage in the industry. The team is led by the CEO and includes the CFO and COO, supported by the Regional Presidents, the Chief Technology Officer, the VP of Livestock Intelligence and the Head of Manufacturing and Supply Chain. With an average tenure of 16 years in the business and significantly longer in the industry, this team has developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing our sectors, coupled with enviable relationships with key industry participants.

Corporate Citizenship and Compliance

As a global corporate citizen, Antelliq subscribes to key regulatory and anti-competitive practices, including but not limited to the United States’ OFAC regulations, the UK’s Anti-Bribery legislation, and various other applicable corruption, “Modern Slavery” and anti-competitive legislation and practices. The CEO sponsors these global practices with implementation through our Executive Leadership Team. Antelliq’s independent Audit Committee reviews Corporate compliance and reports to the Board of Directors.