What we do

Antelliq Innovation Centre is where we transform vision into reality. It’s where ideas become technologies, and cutting-edge technologies become solutions for animal care and management.

Leveraging decades of R&D experience across many markets, technologies and species, along with development environments and QA procedures, we’re always inventing new ways to look after the health and well-being of animals.

Developing devices

It might be RFID readers, pet equipment and treatment accessories, modern sensing systems for industrial and consumer applications, we develop versatile identification devices that connect animals and humans. To do this, we incorporate technologies that offer state-of-the-art miniaturisation, durability and longevity, all packed inside products designed with an appealing look and feel.

Cow in barn

Tissue sampling

Recent advances in the mapping of livestock genomes and development of affordable analytics have changed the tissue sampling industry. Making it easier and quicker for producers to use DNA for pedigree analysis, genetic selection and disease diagnostics. Through working with leading biotechnology partners, livestock genetic testing labs and livestock producers, we continue to create unique solutions for reliable, efficient, and more cost-effective tissue sampling.

Data intelligence

It could be connecting and analysing 1,100,000 cows via the cloud or monitoring 150,000 behavioural events in pets every day. Our best-in-class algorithms deploy cutting-edge technologies to provide valuable actionable information for customers. Using advanced machine learning and data analytics, running both on-premises and cloud-based solutions, our technologies cover the entire data intelligence workflow.

Cows being monitored using a mobile phone

Who we do it for

Antelliq Innovation Centre works in close partnership with all our businesses to develop leading-edge animal care products and solutions. Above all, we keep a clear goal in mind; to provide intelligence that connects animals and people in order to improve outcomes for animals, their owners, and the planet.

People and professionals

Our technologies power multi-platform systems that connect people with animals – anywhere, anytime. We develop extensive software solutions for all major domains: server, client, mobile and cloud enabling us to deliver an unmatched user experience that encompasses the key stages of animal care and management.

Cows being monitored using a tablet device


We believe that innovation should enjoy the fruits of cooperation. We create synergy with selected partners by extending our technology reach and providing scale. We partner with universities, research institution, automation and robotics companies, as well as many technology and development design houses.

How we do it

Our solutions are aligned with key trends in animal welfare and overall farm sustainability. Working closely with other stakeholders in the industry, such as research institutes and food processors, we have created a system based on KPIs that provide objective metrics of animal wellbeing.

  • We develop technology that provides farmers and people who care for animals with immediate alerts on critical animal health issues. Our approach dramatically reduces the usage of hormones in animal reproduction. It also helps in the early detection of fertility issues.
  • Our health monitoring enables better and earlier detection of various illnesses, enabling more efficient use of medications and prolonging animal life expectancy. More than 5.5 million cows are monitored on a daily basis.
  • Our electronic identification, tracking and intelligence solutions, and specialized biological services, enable long-term, sustainable resource management of fish, aquaculture and other wildlife.
  • Our electronic pet doors and feeders help families better control their pets' food intake and access to indoor and outdoor spaces, enabling safer, healthier and more comfortable lives for all.

We bring together talented and experienced designers from many fields and professions in each of our Innovation Centres. The versatility and extensive know how of our interdisciplinary team enables us to make the most of state-of-the-art technologies and development methodologies.

Additionally, we partner with global technology developers to enable our customers to benefit from the most advanced technologies and products from varied disciplines.

Our four Innovation Centres located around the world each have expertise in distinct areas, together providing a global approach to Antelliq innovation.

  • Netanya, Israel – Specializes in advanced multi-disciplinary monitoring solutions across different species
  • Vitre, France – Specializes in identification, tissue sampling and RFID reading technologies for livestock
  • Cambridge, UK – Specializes in connected devices and accessories for pet owners
  • Boise, US – Specializes in electronic identification technology for the fish and wildlife markets, and other natural resource conservation communities