Sure Petcare launches state-of-the-art activity and behaviour monitor for dogs

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Antelliq’s pet care brand introduces Animo, the smart, collar-mounted wearable that provides holistic data and analytics on a pet’s behaviour and wellbeing

Pet product specialist Sure Petcare, an Antelliq company, today announced the launch of Animo, the lifelong activity and behaviour monitor which learns and accurately interprets the unique behaviour and activity patterns of a dog. Animo delivers insights into a dog’s activity and sleep patterns, as well as behaviours such as shaking, scratching and barking, which may be indicative of underlying problems. These insights help owners to understand the changing needs of their pet over its lifetime, enabling them to provide proactive and personalised pet care.

Worn on a dog’s collar, Animo comes with three different sized attachment bands, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes. Weighing just 22g, Animo is lightweight, comfortable and waterproof. It sits flat against the collar and its “twist and lock” fitting not only makes it easy to attach and detach, but also holds the unit firmly in place. It operates using a standard coin cell battery which lasts for six months, preventing the need for regular charging.

From the moment Animo is attached to a dog’s collar, its suite of algorithms begins to learn the animal’s unique patterns of movement; accurately interpreting them and reporting their corresponding activity and behaviour types to the owner via the smartphone app.

Animo connects to the Sure Petcare – Animo app via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), where owners can set and monitor daily activity goals for their pet, as well as view their pet’s activity and behaviour reports by day, week, month or year.  The app also provides an hour-by-hour sleep quality report every night, which can be compared against previous nights to easily spot trends or changes in sleep patterns. 

Key features of Animo and the Sure Petcare app include:

  • Activity: Set and monitor daily activity goals and view activity reports by day, week, month and year.
  • Sleep Quality: Hour-by-hour sleep quality report throughout the night; a poor night’s sleep can be an indication of stress, discomfort or illness
  • Calories: Track the calories burnt by your dog and compare this to a recommended daily target based on their breed, age and weight
  • Behaviour tracking: Displays incidents of increased barking, scratching or shaking
  • Connect with family and friends: Animo syncs with the device of any member of your household who runs the app and owners can share access to the app with their friends and family.

Animo app

Dr Nick Hill, founder and CEO of Sure Petcare said: “We can’t be with our pets 24/7, so we have created Animo to give dog owners a window into their dog’s day: not only to tell them what he or she gets up to when they’re not around, but more importantly to spot shifts in behaviour and activity over time, which may signal changes in their pet’s health and wellbeing. Over the past 18 months the combination of Antelliq’s world-leading animal monitoring expertise, Sure Petcare’s industry experience and the advice of world-renowned dog behaviourists has resulted in a product which will change the lives of dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes.” 

Pet tech continues to be a growing industry, with the global market expected to increase to $2.36 billion (£1.84 billion) by 2022, according to Grand View Research. In 2017, UK dog owners spent $10 billion (£7.81 billion) on general products and services for their animals.

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