Biomark awarded five-year, $40million contract to help track the survival and movements of multiple fish species across Western United States.

River wide PIT tag reading system

The Bureau of Reclamation, part of the Department of Interior, is the largest water management agency covering the 17 western states of the United States of America. Providing water to over 31 million people and 10 million acres of farmland.

Biomark the Antelliq fish & aquaculture specialist company will supply Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tags, tag readers, integrated monitoring systems, and data collection software to researchers. The tags once implanted will allow researchers to track the movement of individual fish and compare data gathered over time, this will help monitor and determine the size and health of these threatened and endangered fish populations.

Biomark’s systems read and record fish location, movement, and user selected environmental conditions.  This data is stored and transmitted in near real-time for analysis by scientists working with critical fish populations.


“These tags provide us with better data on multiple fish species and support our efforts to recover endangered fish within the waters we manage,” said Reclamation’s Environmental Resources Manager, Kathy Callister.

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