Adoption of technology in farming will help drive food production.

Antelliq CEO Dr Stefan Weiskopf contributes to the latest Raconteur article: How tech and investment could help feed the many. Investment in improved supply chain management and precision farming techniques hold the key to banishing famine and malnutrition. Commenting specifically on how new technology is set to improve every step of food production.


Dr Stefan Weiskopf, chief executive of farming intelligence group Antelliq, says he expects adoption of precision agricultural techniques to be rapid in the years ahead.

He explains: “There are several attractive secular growth drivers for animal protein production with precision agriculture: increasing demand for protein and smart farming adoption, constraints on production driving the need to produce more with less, food safety and supply chain efficiencies, and animal welfare.

“Unquestionably, these trends require the use of and investment in smart farming solutions, which can accurately monitor and calculate how much water or feed is necessary to operate farms in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.”

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