Technological disruption and digitalisation have transformed many industries.

Creating smarter ways to look after animals is vital because of the increasingly critical impact that human actions have on animal wellbeing and the planet.

We provide richer data, insights and experiences to help people act in the best interests of the animals they manage and care for.

Tracing our origins


Palmerston North, New Zealand. John Burford, founder of metal engraved plates manufacturer, Delta Plastics, meets dairy farmer, Brian Murphy. Together, the dynamic duo invents a flexible, plastic ear tag to identify livestock more reliably and efficiently.


The company is renamed, Allflex, and the popularity of this innovative product spreads rapidly. A new plant is built in Palmerston North to cope with demand, while a network of distributors grows markets in Australia, the U.S. and Europe.


Anticipating the growing interest – particularly in Europe – for animal identification, the French company, SFII, acquires Allflex. The next decade sees the consolidation of this industrial group go from strength to strength.


The BSE crisis strikes Europe, and traceability becomes a public concern for both food safety and animal welfare. Allflex launches a range of highly secure, tamperproof tags to support strict European regulations around double tagging of all newborn calves.


Australia becomes the first non-European country to implement an official identification scheme. The Australian authorities then choose Allflex to supply electronic tags for their country’s livestock.


Systems, designs and technology for animal identification are developing fast around the world. Allflex responds by strengthening its manufacturing and commercial presence in different countries – stretching from Poland to Brazil, and Turkey to Argentina.


The Allflex Group invests heavily in the automation of tag production lines and electronic supply chains. It now works with over 2,000 collaborators all focusing their efforts on helping the global livestock industry contribute to a safer food supply.


The following years saw a number of important companies with deep roots in Livestock Identification join the Allflex family such as OS ID; Destron Fearing; Merko; Cox & Ritchey and Aleis to name a few, strengthening the global solutions the Allflex Group offers.


Seeing the growing importance of Aquaculture and sustainable wild fish populations, Biomark, the world leader in RFID for Fish, joined the Allflex family extending our reach beyond land.


Now identifying some 400 million animals per year, and driven by the need to provide for a growing population in a sustainable way, the Allflex Group enters the world of animal health monitoring and digital agriculture through acquiring SCR as a platform for the future. A fourty year old company itself, SCR sensor systems deliver actionable intelligent management decisions to producers on reproduction, nutrition, health and wellbeing of an individual cow and whole herd. Linking Identification and Traceability to Monitoring, the theme of Animal Intelligence is born.


Taking the theme of Animal Intelligence into the companion animal sector, Sure Petcare joins the group and links to Allflex Group strong pet microchip business. With connected microchip enabled pet access solutions and feeders, they have a pedigree in designing clever devices that improve pet wellbeing, deepening the relationship between pet and pet parent.


Antelliq is launched as the overarching corporate brand for Allflex. Along with representing the activities of the groups’ companies and establishing the overall strategy, Antelliq reflects our ambition to be a world leader in Intelligence, connecting Animals and People.