What we do

Founded on a belief that applied technology can enhance the lives of pets and their owners, Sure Petcare create products that pro-actively solve the real problems pet owners face.


The launch of the world’s first app-connected cat flap in 2017 was the start of an evolution of products that create new levels of data, which will provide insights to pet owners, increasing their ability to care for their pets’ health and wellbeing. There are currently 150,000 pet behavioural events monitored daily via the Sure Petcare app system.

Who we do it for

Owners’ lives are becoming increasingly busy, Sure Petcare products are designed to help them understand and feel more connected to their pets, no matter how stretched they are for time or how far they are apart.

For pets the products are easy-to-use and integrate into daily routines. The positive behavioral changes in pets often results in less time spent managing stressful situations and more time together with owners strengthening their bond.

How we do it


Currently, Sure Petcare products cover pet doors – for access, smart food bowls and pet identification.

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

The world’s No. 1 selling microchip access controlled pet door uses a pet’s identification microchip as a personalised door key. The product only grants access to the “authorised” animal whilst keeping all other unwanted animals out of the home.

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Owners are able to separate and stop pets stealing each other’s food, without the need to place pets in separate rooms. In the last year over 100 million meals will have been protected and kept fresh using SureFeed. Suitable for use with both wet and dry food the feeder locks in 99.8% of moisture and keeps out flies.

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